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Taylormade Golf Drills To Improve Your Skills

 No sport or game can be mastered overnight. All professional and world-renowned players spend a lot of their time, energy and effort trying to perfect their play. This goes with the game of golf as well. Though it may look easy compared to other much more action-packed games, golf requires as much practice as a player possibly can do. 

Golf-ClubsIf you are a newbie in golf, this article is the perfect read for you because it contains drills you will find useful to make a solid, consistent swing help you. Remember, to hit every tee shot, you will need to allot time for practice. This means going to a driving range to hit balls, playing rounds even at a small golf course, and doing drills in your backyard.

What you have to know is that golf drills do not only teach you how to swing your Taylormade golf club the right way. Drills also work on other factors that significantly affect your overall game such as grip, stance and follow-through. To give you some basics on all these, here are three drills you can do that will require nothing more but your time, your best golf club, and your backyard:

1. Putting Drill

The aim of a Putting Drill is to help improve your aim and pace. Executing this drill is very simple- just place 3 balls with 5-feet intervals from the hole (or if you’re at your backyard, put a marker somewhere to mark as the “hole”). Now, with your trusted Taylormade golf club, try and hit every single ball into the hole, attempting to do so with similar putter speeds. Since you are practicing your pace, the length of your back swing is the only thing that changes. If you have a larger backyard, you can do this drill with more balls, using the same 5-feet interval rule. Feeling better with your pace? Then go ahead and try doing the drill with your eyes closed.

2. Follow-through Drill

The Follow-through Drill was made to perfect what is called your “release”. Release is the way your wrists turn at the moment of your golf club’s impact with the ball. If you have not mastered the art of a great “release”, then your ball’s flight will go left or right to your actual desired direction.

To perform the drill, what you need to do is take your Taylormade golf club and swing it half your typical speed. This means stopping when your arms make an L-shape while executing your back swing. Check how your wrists are positioned then swing through and release. Your follow-through should result in your arms creating a reverse L. Do this again and again, increasing speed and power each time. If your efforts are yielding undesired outcomes, adjust your arm angle and grip accordingly until you find the perfect one.

3. Penny Drill

If you have only just begun playing golf, it is safe to say that you have experienced “topping the ball” more than a few times.

A topped shot is when you swing your Taylormade golf club very near the ball’s crown creating an impact that scoots the ball only a few yards forward in an intense topspin.

Golf club

To prevent this from happening again, a Penny Drill is what you can do to practice. Place a penny on a practice mat and hit it off the mat. You can use just one, maybe your favorite Taylormade golf club, or you can try various clubs. Check how high you can get the penny to fly off. Lastly, try to hit the penny again but this time place a golf ball on top of it. Repeat as many times as you want until you perfect it.


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